Soul Freedom Live

Those who follow this blog and I hope there are many, you’ll know that my passion is Soul music, so here it is our next do…a monthly affair. We were looking for a suitable venue for a long time. Small, intimate and a good atmosphere. The Fringe in Clifton, seems to be the ideal spot, away from the usual night club areas, but already thriving as a live venue, featuring jazz, blues, folk etc.


We’ve got some great male vocalists, guitarists, Aaron Douglas and Ian Perry, and our usual lovely ladies, Rozaya and Zion Flex.

Once again myself and Chris will return with paintings, and even Zion Flex will be adding some extra flavour with her collage work and paintings. Mike Ashley providing the musical interlude, whatever takes his fancy, soul, hip hop a bit of jazz, old skool and new Independent.

I’ll be there taking photos and being on the door….. With prints to buy, our special Soul Takeaway and Rozaya’s Extra Special Cakes!! Do not miss out, if you find yourself in Bristol, on the 1st March,

It’s a family Affair!







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